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 Server Connect

When opened, BestNotes initially displays the server connect screen.

The Server Name/IP is always The Site ID was given to your on-site system administrator. 

Call BestNotes if the system administrator is unknown (208.543.6646). Click Connect to get to the Login Screen.

This screen remembers the last-used values so that you are not required to memorize the Server Name and Site ID. Unless you need to reset the BestNotes Client Profile or Software (For more information, click HERE)

Login Screen

Enter the user name and password into the fields provided. If the user name or password is forgotten, contact your on-site system administrator. Click the Login button to enter BestNotes. Call BestNotes if the system administrator is unknown (208.543.6646).

New Passwords

The first login may require a New Password. Your System Administrator may have different requirements for New Passwords. Please see them for more details or they can Click HERE for more information.


These are the default / minimum requirements:

  • Every 90 days, you will be required to create a New Password
  • At least 8 characters long
  • one lowercase
  • 1 numeric (number) character

User Password Reset

To change the BestNotes password, click the settings button in the lower left hand corner of the screen on the dashboard, then enter a new password in the areas provided. The password must be 8 characters in length with at least one capital letter, and one number. The password is case sensitive.

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