Teachers can modify the weight categories for their own classes in two ways:

  • Individual Student


Individual Student

  • In Grade Book click on the student's name.
  • Adjust category weights for each term individually and save.


This will only change the weights for the individual student.

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Entire Section

  • An administrator must give the permission "Edit Sections" to the teachers

  • In the Grade Book, a teacher can click on the "Edit Section" icon in the upper left corner next to the word "Grade Book".

  • Make the changes to weights for each term individually.
  • Check the box in the red section so that the weights apply to all students in the section.

Whenever changes are made here that need to be applied to all students, be sure to check the "Apply Defaults to All" checkbox, otherwise these changes will not be applied to any students.

  • Click the Update Section button

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