Within the Academics section is a place to view a student's schedule. To view different schedules, choose different academic years and terms from the corresponding drop down lists. Another option is to choose other options in the Type drop down list.


The Summary gives a view of the classes the students enrolled in, as well as, the students' grade and class average. This area can also be changed to view different terms and academic years.


There are five academic reports that can be viewed from inside this section. Each of the reports have a similar set of option across the top of the screen. A user can view reports for different terms and academic years, print, save a copy of the report to the activity log, and post a copy of the report to the parent portal.

  • The Attendance report displays each of the students' classes as well as an attendance summary, detailing the number of absences, tardies, and excused absences.
  • The Missing Assignments reports is a detailed list of all missing assignments grouped by class.
  • The Progress Report is a report used to give the students a view of their mid-term grades and view comments the teacher has written about the student's work so far. 
  • The Report Card is a report used to send to parents at term end. It does not provide teacher comments. Within both reports is an area to select the recipient's address.
  • The Transcript shows a complete record of the student's academics. For more documentation, Click HERE.

The address selection drop down will not appear in the printed view.


This tab will display all the classes the student is enrolled in during the selected academic year. From the Enroll tab, a view of all the classes created for the selected academic year is available. Each class the student is enrolled in will have a details button next to it. From inside of the details button next to any enrolled class, a user will have the ability to change the class weights, days the class meets, and term credit. To enroll a student in a new class from the enroll tab, navigate to the class desired, and click the enroll button displayed next to the class. A list of currently enrolled students will be displayed, click the enroll now button at the bottom of the roster. The details of the class will be displayed and can now be edited. When finished, click the enroll now button at the bottom of the screen.

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