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Enabling Portal for Related Contacts (Parents)


Click on the Edit Relationship icon next to the parents name on the client's page, then check the Web Portal box (Permission required, Click HERE). Then, follow the PIN permissions below.


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Click on the Edit Contact icon or Client's name to give access to an individual (Parent or Client). Do one of the two following scenarios:

  • Copy the contents of the Portal Pin box at the bottom of the screen. Send Portal Pin in an e-mail (envelope button (NOTE: It is the PIN only) or BETTER: paste PIN in/with company e-mail service, to see an exampleclick HERE - bottom attachment). They will need this after they have created an account to access their child's information. 

    • NOTE: It is better to use the next option.

  • For contacts that have already created their portal accounts (if not, click HERE), the Link button allows the user to tie an existing portal account to that contact record by automatically filling in the contact pin. If the contact created multiple portal accounts and those email addresses are on that contact record, then you can select which email address to link it to. But, only 1 email address can be linked. 

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Portal - Link / Unlink contact

  • LINK only connects contacts with their Portal Account User ID's.
  • Unlink removes the portal pin from any portal account that may have it and generates a new pin. See linking step to tie contact correctly to portal account (see above).


  • The unlink/link button is found on the lower right of the edit contact's screen.
  •  The Portal Status icon found on the contact's page can also be used to initially link a contact to their portal account.
  •  Unlink and then Relink can also fix issues where documents and clients are not displaying.


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