User Permissions Required (contact your BestNotes System Administrator for user permissions):


 To make information available on the portal:
  1. Find the information in the client's  Activity Log
  2. Click the globe icon next to the entry.  

  3. Select which recipients (with web portal permission) can see this note.
    • NOTES
      • Unselecting all recipients will remove the item from the portal.
      • The item will stay on the portal for selected recipients as long as your company is using BestNotes.

Globe Color (Blue or Orange)

    • All Authorized turns the globe icon blue to indicate that the information has been made available to all Recipients with the  web portal permission (Click HERE) including the client.  
    • Orange indicates that it is only available to a select few recipients with the web portal permission.    

NOTE:  All information, past and future, on a client's activity log shared by selecting All Authorized will display for any related contact with web portal permission. Consult with your client if this is wanted.

Group Note:

To send a Group Note to all the Note's linked clients and/or their related contacts:

  • Go to the General Log
  • Find the note and click on the Globe Icon.
  • NOTE: All Authorized will portalize this Group Note to all the linked client's related contacts with the web portal permission.

NOTE:  BestNotes recommends that clients only have active items available on the portal. Too many items on the portal can break the link.

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