To learn more about diagnosing, visit or (Recommended).


 User Permissions Required (contact your BestNotes System Administrator for user permissions):

This one permission will allow a user to see the Master Tx Plan button and screen. It will also allow a user to Add a Problem. To learn more about permissions for diagnosing, click HERE.

  1. Most Med / Clinical Documents are fully editable. 
  2. Click the Save Snapshot  button to save a version or specific time during a client's treatment.

Each Med/Clinical document has the title "Worksheet" to prompt the user to Save a Snapshot for records.


To create a new or edit a Master Treatment Plan for a client, navigate to their face page and click on the Med/Clinical button. This will open a new window that displays all of the clinical and treatment tabs. Click on the Master TX Plan tab to display the Master Treatment Plan Worksheet.

The header information is pulled in automatically from the client's information previously entered.

To diagnose or add a problem, click HERE.


Subtitle field for all Assessments and all Treatment Plan documents in the Med/Clinical window

  • For users to add an Addendum or Update Title (Portal Subject) on Assessments or Treatment Planning documents, to display for a Snapshot on the Client's Activity Log (chart) and Portal.
  • For example, when an auditor would like to see the difference between an original document and the addendum or updated documents.

  • Assessments yellow Title field

  • Treatment Planning Documents blue Title field

  • Activity Log (chart) display

  • Logs (documents) on Portal


There are three field types to work with throughout the worksheet:

  • The first is the date field with a calendar icon . 
    • To fill these fields out, click on the calendar icon and select the desired date

  • The second type of field you will encounter in the Master Treatment (Tx) Plan Worksheet are the addition fields with the plus icon    . 
    • These fields are populated by clicking on the plus icon and making selections within the new window.

  • The third field type is the free text field, recognized by the light green tint and dotted line outline. 
    • These fields are activated by clicking within the field. Once the field is activated, a few basic text styling tools at the top of the box will appear. Begin typing within the field to enter data. 


Completing Master Treatment (Tx) Plan

When the diagnostic section is complete, continue filling out the rest of the master treatment plan worksheet by filling out each free text field. When finished with the master treatment plan worksheet, scroll to the bottom of the page to view a preview of the completed master treatment plan.

Once everything is complete, click on the Save Snapshot  button at the top right-hand side of the screen to lock the master treatment plan, notify individuals of required signatures, and post the finished Master Treatment (Tx) Plan to the client’s activity log.

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