Some vocabulary of the Treatment plan can be edited. Here is a list of areas that can be changed to better fit a program's needs. 

Document Level

  • Titles for all four tabs (e.g. 'Master Tx Plan' to 'Tx Plan')
  • Titles of the documents (e.g. 'Master Treatment Plan' to 'Treatment Plan')
  • Abbreviations of the documents (e.g. 'MTP' to 'TP')

Under Master Problem List

  • Title of Master Problem List (e.g. 'Master Problem List' to 'Treatment Goals') This is the most requested.
  • Date Problem is created (e.g. 'Date' to 'Date Initiated')
  • Problem Header (e.g. 'Problem' to 'Goal') This will also feed down to the Problem Area to keep the terminology consistent.
  • Estimated Completion Date (e.g. 'EST Completed' to 'Target Date')
  • Date Resolved (e.g. 'Date Resolved' to 'Date Completed')

Under the Problem Area
  • Long Term / Discharge Goals (e.g. 'Long Term / Discharge / Graduation Goals' to 'Discharge Goals')
  • Objective (e.g. 'Objective' to 'Target Skill')
  • Short-Term Objective (e.g. 'Short-Term Objective' to 'Short-Term Goal')
  • If a company does not use interventions they still have to go through the wizard but we can hide that line on their MTP.

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