To create a table, click on the Table icon  at the top of the template builder. A dialogue box will appear asking for percentages separated by commas. Enter the percentages based on the width you would like that column to be. 

Examples (See below): 25,25,25,25. (this will produce 4 columns of the same size) and 10,80,10 (this will produce 3 columns of different sizes)

The next box will pop-up and ask how many rows you would like to create. Fill in the number of rows and click OK. This will create a table to begin entering information in. 

When modifying a table, new columns will be small or not the correct width. BestNotes will adjust as you type information. NOTE: BestNotes Support recommends recreating a table with correct percentages instead and for good practice.

Rows and columns may be added by clicking the triangles to the side of the cell.

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