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  1. Click on the Create New Collection link at the bottom right side of the template editor.

  2. Type a name for the new collection (it will be automatically capitalized).
  3. Click Save.

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Add to List

The created AutoNote collection will appear at the bottom of the Collection Library list. Click to highlight your collection, then click Add to List. This will move the collection to the AutoNOTE Collection list, which displays the list of collections available in the current template.

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Creating a Collection Flow

When creating the list of AutoNote collections within a template, be sure to organize them in the order that they appear in the template by highlighting each AutoNote and clicking the Up and Down buttons to move them to the correct location.

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Insert Collection into Template

To insert a collection into a template, either:

  • Type the collection name within square brackets at the location where the AutoNote is to be inserted. 

  1. In the template, position the cursor in the location the AutoNote should appear.
  2. Highlight which AutoNote should be inserted in AutoNOTE Collections.
  3. Click the Insert at Cursor button.

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