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Access Tags 
NOTE: A user must be logged in as the system administrator to create and edit Access tags.

Access tags limit (restrict or allow) a user's access to specific clients' information. Example:

  • The system administrator does not want the admissions staff to see past clients' information
  • They would create a "Past" Access tag and assign it to all past clients.
  • To limit access to past clients' information, system administrators will not not give permission (Access tag) to the admissions users to see anyone with the "Past" tag.

NOTE: Most contacts should only have one Access tag and as many Fixed tags as needed. A common indicator that a client is tagged incorrectly is if they have an Inquiry Access tag and Current Access tag. A client will most likely not be inquiring and current at the same time. This is a great way to check whether your clients are tagged correctly.

To give a top-level Administrator User full access to see all clients and users, only give them the Global Access Tag.

Another example of Access tags; using them as locks and keys to file drawers or cabinets:

  • If a user has an Access tag (key), they can have "access" to the file drawer or cabinet of contacts with the same Access tag.
  • When a client is moved off of one Access tag to another Access tag (cabinet or drawer), such as Inquiry to Current,
  • Only the users with the Current Access tag (key) will have access to that client.

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Fixed Tags 
(category/User tags)

 User Permissions Required (contact your BestNotes System Administrator for user permissions):

Fixed Tags describe or categorize contacts. An example of how to use Fixed tags: 
  • When a group therapy session for clients with an eating disorder is held

  • Create an "eating disorder group" tag
  • Tag each participant in this group with this tag
  • Group Notes and information can now be sent solely to this group.

 These tags can be used to assist in creating reports. 

NOTE: User tags are the same as Fixed tags and are only for categorization purposes.

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Tag Notifications help users know when changes occur.

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Create Tags 

Access tags (System Administrator login only) restrict access for users, so it is best that each contact only has one Access tag at a time. Fixed tags categorize contacts, so they can have more than one.

To create a new tag, simply click on the tag icon with the green plus above the column of tags in which to add. 

Add name, switch from Access to Fixed tags and / or add tag notifications.

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