Click the Tag to make a change.

 Make your update. (DO NOT use "LOC" to name Tags. LOC is reserved for BestNotes background functionality.)

  • Change Name
  • Change an Access Tag to a Fixed Tag (NOTE: Use the Current User's list to remove the tag from these Users before making this change)

Or, to delete an Access Tag follow the NOTES below:

  • First, run reports
    • Report Builder:
      • First Name
      • Last Name
      • Filter by Tag
      • Select the Tag you want to discontinue

    • The Related Contacts by Tag Report
      • Select the Tag you want to discontinue
      • Filter for both Contacts and Related Contacts and make sure they have more than the tag you want to delete
      • Click Go

  • Deleting a tag could remove the only Access tag contacts have and hide them in your BestNotes account.
  • If a contact is lost because their only Access Tag was removed:
    • The System Administrator will export the entire contacts list (click the Contacts button lower left) iand filter the list in a spreadsheet program for empty cells under the tag column.
    • Only the System Administrator can give these contacts an access tag. 
    • Only delete Tags when all your company's BestNotes users are NOT in an open Contact or User Details window.

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