If you receive this message:

Step 1: Restart your computer. 

If that does not work ...

Step 2: Go to your computer profile reset steps below. NOTE: If you are unsure what your company's SITE ID is please contact your onsite system administrator.

Sometimes issues arise on a single machine that require a fresh start with the BestNotes Client.  This can be done without uninstalling / reinstalling the Client. 

Server credentials needed after reset:

Server Name/IP: crm.bestnotes.com

Site ID: (Contact your onsite System Administrator)

Before beginning, close BestNotes to clear the current BestNotes profile:

  1. Make sure the BestNotes dock icon does not have the blue dot under it.

  2. Minimize or close all other programs.
  3. Open Finder or click the desktop.
  4. At the very top left of the screen, click Go and then hold Option (Alt on Windows) on your keyboard.

  5. uvupYByKsEYkpeoCKuyqoljpUrmf3LO44A.gif

  6. Click on Library

  7. Click Application Support.
  8. Delete the GHA5 and/or BestNotes CRM folder.

When restarting BestNotes, a box will prompt the user to reenter the server name and site ID.

If you have an Apple - Mac OS older than Lion use this step 4.5: Click on Home, then follow step 5 above.


(The default behavior of Lion is to hide your user Library folder. Go To Step 6).

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