This allows the user to have a new set of Start and End dates, new data fields and activity log for the second stay:

  1. Search for the student and go to their existing contact from the previous enrollment.
  2. Click the Edit Contact icon  at the top left.
  3. Make the contact inactive by checking the box at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Add the words Case 1 to the nickname field (after the real nickname if there is one) and save.
  5. In the Add/Edit Related Contacts search box, type the last name of the student, and click on New Student

  6. Add the first name and Case 2 as the nickname.
  7. In the relationship at the top of the screen add Case 2.
  8. Copy the home address and phone by using the copy drop down. Other demographic data will have to be entered again.
  9. Relate parents and referral sources to Case 2.
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