NOTE: BestNotes no longer supports this application.

  1. Start Thunderbird if it isn't currently running.
  2. Click Tools > BestNotes Configuration to bring up the dialog shown above.
  3. Enter your BestNotes siteid (without the numerical code at the end) in the Account ID field.
  4. Enter your BestNotes Username and Password in the fields provided.
  5. Ensure that the default BestNotes URL address reads
  6. By default the url will begin with www. this needs to be changed.

  7. to 

  8. Click the Save button
  9. Right-click on the Thunderbird menubar and then click Customize.
  10. Find the B+ icon (scrolling may be necessary) and drag it to a location on your Thunderbird toolbar (for a cleaner look, select Icons from the Show dropdown and check the Use Small Icons checkbox on this same Customize Toolbar dialog).
  11. Click the OK button.