DO NOT copy and paste digital information (Microsoft Word, Website, PDF, etc.) into BestNotes. This will break BestNotes.  First, try copying the information from the document into the BestNotes Notepad, then from Notepad into the form/document.

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{XPAGEBREAK} can be used multiple times. It is used to move whatever follows to another page for printing.

[BLANK] creates a text box on its own line and can be used as many times as you want in the document.



The following codes are used to tell the system where you want the signatures to display in the document. NOTEs:

  • Signature codes can be used more than once, but the same signature and date will display each time this special field is used.
  • If no location code is given for signatures, they are automatically placed at the bottom of documents.
  • A new line (White space) will be added after each signature.


[CLIENT_SIGNATURES] = Client signatures

[CONTACT_SIGNATURES] = Parents and other signers

[TEMPLATE_SIGNATURES] = Staff/employee signers 


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