To create a PDF document from BestNotes or any other Windows application:

  1. Open the document or view to create the PDF
  2. Click the Print button icon or link OR Ctrl+P.
  3. Choose a PDF printer.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Select any additional options, including the file location and name
  6. File Size (Choose the quality / Compress for smaller sizes / For more information Click Here)
  7. Save the PDF
  8. Upload / Attach (For BestNotes Documents page Click Here / For a BestNotes Contact Click Here)
  9. For Email: Compose a new email and attach a file
  10. Select the newly created PDF
  11. Upload / Send

Scanning: 150 dpi (greyscale)

Try compressing the file by zipping it into a folder.

Split the pdf files into smaller chunks, found at:

PDF shrink tools on the internet; many are secure and can handle PHI documents. (See File Sizes above)