If a printout from a Mac is missing content, try unchecking "Shrink to Fit Page Width" twice:

  1. NOTE: The first time you do this, the page will still NOT print the missing content and will need to be only opened as a Mac Preview.
  2. Close the first preview and reopen the document to print again.
  3. The second time you print with "Shrink to Fit Page Width" unchecked will also need to be opened in Preview to confirm the content is there and for true printing from Preview.
  4. This will only have to be done once each subsequent time.

The original BestNotes client has this as a default print option and will have to be unchecked each time on that machine or any Mac that is having the same problem in order to print documents with missing content. The Mac and the original BestNotes client remember what happens before, but it only affects the second and subsequent printing times. This is why the document may print correctly the first time even with "Shrink to Fit Page Width" checked because it will not affect your printing until the next time you print.

When choosing to print something from BestNotes on the latest Mac OS X, the Print Footer and Header settings need to stay (Blank)

The data from BestNotes is not programmed to include Headers and Footers. But, a contact's information is being sent to the printer and should be on the page. 

Let BestNotes Support know if you have any questions, but BestNotes does not have a recommendation or customization at this time.

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