Under your System Administrator account. This will include the HR manager and owner. Employees in this group should have authorization to view salary, performance and confidential HR information.  

To do this: 

  1.  Login to the System Administrator account. 
  2.  Click on Settings -> Groups
  3.  Add all staff who need access to this group. 
  4.  Creating this group will allow you to send appointments, q­log messages, and restrict notes amongst the members of this group in order to maintain the highest levels of confidentiality.

Quick Review
  • Access Tags dictate which users see a particular contact. 
  • Fixed tags are intended to identify a contact for purposes of creating reports, appointments, searching, and categorizing. Fixed tags that could be useful are 
      • HR Current – Current employees 
      • HR Past – Past employees
      • HR Inquiry – Interviewed or potential employees

    Create employees as Individual contact types within BestNotes with the HR AccessTag. Add their hire date in the Contact Date field (for reporting, this field is called Initial Contact Date)  

    NOTE: Even though an employee has been created as a user within BestNotes, this does not create a contact in BestNotes. 

    Best Practice: 

    1. For confidentiality purposes, only HR employees should have access to the HR tag. 
    2. This protects employees from unwanted access to personal information by coworkers. 
    3. Restricting documentation to the HR group ensures that only authorized staff have access to documentation; however, the title of documentation can still be viewed by anyone who has access to that contact so it is important to be discreet in naming your documentation. 
      • For example: You would not want to name a documentation as “Final Warning” or “Termination Notice” if you do not follow this prescribed HR Policy. 

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