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Login as System Administrator

(If your onsite system administrator or password to login as System Administrator is unknown, please create a ticket on this website.)

Go to Settings -> Users -> Password Settings

Hover over each Question mark for more information. Click the More button (Bottom Right) to reset all User Passwords.

The following allows system administrators to institute and enforce additional access restrictions and password policies. BestNotes retains the right to enforce what we believe are the minimum acceptable standards relating to password security, but organizations that wish to will now be able to enforce their own, more stringent standards in the following ways:

Minimum password length – minimum number of characters that must be set in a password
- BestNotes minimum - 8 characters
Maximum password age – number of days between mandatory password changes
- BestNotes Maximum – 365 days
- BestNotes Recommendation – 30 days
- BestNotes Default – 90 days
Number of changes between password re-use - number of different passwords before an old password can be used again
- BestNotes requires that a password is different from the users current password
- BestNotes Recommends 12 password changes before a password can be reused
Minimum character sets
- BestNotes requires a combination of numbers, upper case, and lower case letters
- Organizations may also require special characters as well

User Account Lockout

  In addition to these updates relating to password content and enforcement, BestNotes will also force mandatory user account lockout in the event of too many failed login attempts. Again, BestNotes retains the right to enforce what we believe are minimum standards relating to this, but organizations can set their own, more stringent standards. Organizational options related to this process include:

Maximum number of failed login attempts before user account is locked
- BestNotes minimum standard: 9 attempts
- BestNotes Recommendation: 5 attempts
Minimum lockout period when maximum login attempts is reached
- BestNotes minimum standard: 3 minutes
- BestNotes Recommendation: 5 minutes

Password/Security Policies:

If your organization doesn't currently maintain a password/security policy, you should consider getting one in place. In fact, having a defined password/security policy is a requirement of many industry accreditations and certifications. Letting your users know that your organization takes the security of your client’s information seriously is one of the best ways to help prevent security breaches. Consider devoting at least a few minutes each time you meet with your staff to discuss security and ways to help improve your organizations policies. These updates will allow your organization to dutifully enforce the contents of your internal security policies and promote a safe and secure system for housing your clients’ information.

For more information relating to security policies and protection of electronic information, see:  

For more information, click HERE.

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