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Student’s page

  1. Click the Student’s Profile Academics button. 
  2. Select the Reports tab. 


  • Attendance displays each student’s classes as well as attendance summary, detailing the number of absences, times tardy and excused absences. 
  • Missing Assignments is a detailed list of all missing assignments grouped by class. 
  • Progress Report gives the students a view of their midterm grades and view the comments the teacher has written about the student’s work 
  • Report Card
  • Transcript displays a complete record of the student’s academics 
    • For Projected (future / recommend) Classes
  1. Import a class
  2. Check the Projected box in the Import window
  3. Check Projected to display future recommend classes for the student.
  4. If the student completes class, click on class
  5. Un-check Projected

  • Transcript Setup (e.g. Graduation Date for college admissions)

Admin view

  1. Click on the Academics’ dashboard button. 
  2. Select the Admin View. 
  3. Go to the Reports tab.  
  • Student displays a printable view of each student’s schedule. Add page breaks to print each student’s schedule on its own page. 
  • Class Roster allows you to print a list of all students by class and teacher. 
  • All Student Schedule displays a grid view of all students by period. 
  • Academic Probation displays students with D’s or F’s. 
  • Grade Report displays each student’s grades in each class. 
  • Missing Assignments displays students with missing assignments by class. 
  • Attendance displays tardy, absent, and excused absences. Click to view present attendance or filter by date range.

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