Example: display all doctors in one section and all therapists in another section within one calendar group view.

By default, a group is in alphabetical order. To change the order for calendar group views:

  1. Log in as System Administrator

  2. Click on Settings 

  3. Click on Groups 

  4. Open a created group 

  5. Click on the Calendar View button (bottom-left) 

  6. Click on the name(s) to drag and drop for a custom calendar group view 

  7. NOTE: Use the Time Zone dropdown menu for a group of users who are in multiple/different time zones to display in one specific timezone on the calendar (e.g. East coast headquarters wants to know what the west coast facility is doing in the Pacific time zone view).
  8. Navigate to the Calendar
  9. Click on the Group View button 



  • When you reopen the group, the wizard will default to Standard View.
  • Click on Calendar View, to manually return the names to an alphabetical order. 
  • This function only changes calendar group views.

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