Lock and/or inactivate a Template:

  • Use cases -  Inactivate:
    • Inactivate - To archive a Template so it can no longer be added to a contact, while preserving all data entered.
    • Locking - To prevent unintended changes when opening a Template to review the structure.
  • This does not remove the Template's notes / logs from contacts and can still be used for reporting purposes.
    • Templates will not be allowed to be deleted if it has been used with any contact.
    • Inactive Templates will not be available through Appointments and will have to be manually removed from Appointment Types as needed.
  • Click Save when changing a lock / inactivate status: 
    • Simply unlocking a Template does NOT refresh the window and allow a user to immediately edit the template.
    • It has to be saved and re-opened in order to edit a newly unlocked Template.
  • Log / Note filter choices will be grouped by Active and Inactive Template titles in:
    • General Log
    • Activity Log (New Note tab / client chart)
    • Group Note History Tab
    • Settings > Templates
      • NOTE: Group Notes with [GROUP_PARTICIPANTS] at the bottom of content will have their own groupings.

  • Titles will have 4 distinct colors:
    • Black = Regular, unlocked Template
    • Green = Locked Template
    • Blue = State Profile Template (More information coming soon)
    • Red = System Template (e.g. Reportable Group Notes - aka Incident Reports)


NOTE: Deleted templates cannot be recovered. Please, double check that a template has never been used before deleting. To do this, open the General Log and filter for that template. 

If a template has never been used and is no longer needed:

Open Template Builder 

Select the template

  • Double Click
  • Click Edit

On the right side click Delete Template 


NOTE: This will remove the Template from your account. BestNotes Support does not recommend this action.

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