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Tag Notifications can alert users when an access or fixed tag is applied or removed from a contact. For example, ensuring users are aware of where a client is within:

  • Admissions Workflow - Inquiry to Current
  • Insurance Verification - Pre-approved through Paid
  • Treatment Workflow - Current to Past


To add individual users to a tag's notification list:

  • Enter a user's account
  • Open the Tag Notifications tab  

  • Select desired tags
  • User receives the notification through their For Review tab.


If a user does not enter BestNotes often, check the "email tag notification" box so the user can also receive a personal email anytime one of the selected tags change for a contact.

NOTE: BestNotes will use the email address found on the user’s account to send the notification. Also, all users receiving the tag change email are blind carbon copied for email address privacy. Please be aware of what information is being sent by e-mail, before saving the tag notification.

If a user is unable to see the notifications in their email and/or on the For Review tab, then that user may need to log off of BestNotes for the update to take effect.


Return to the tag notification user list to view the individual users that receive notifications. Their name(s) display in the box on the right titled “users notified on tag change.” Groups and the 4 Provider options can also be selected to receive tag notifications. Even though user names associated to those groups or providers do not show in the “users Notified on Tag Change” box, they will still receive the notification. All users, groups, and providers added will receive a tag notification change in their For Review tab as well. If a Q-log message needs to be created before the user dismisses the tag, then choose for the action desired for this tag.

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