In BestNotes:

  • Navigate to a client's page
  • Select the OutcomeTools tab

Select the completed survey to display the report contents. The report will open in whatever default browser you have set. If you do not have Chrome as a default browser, Bestnotes does recommend it for easier printing or converting to PDF.

From the browser:

  1. Select Print OR use the Ctrl+P keys to print the report
  2. Choose to Save as PDF document.
  3. In Chrome your screen should look like this: 

Make sure the Destination is a PDF creator such as CutePDF.

In Chrome “Save as PDF”. Also in Chrome, the Background graphics should be checked under Options in lower left. Otherwise, it will save in a black and white format.

Other Browsers may have different settings.

Then click the Save button (upper left), you will be prompted to name file and select a location on your computer. 

Follow the above steps for the next report until you have saved a PDF for each required result.

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