Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to use OutcomeTools by BestNotes! In this video, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of utilizing this powerful software to optimize your outcome measurement and client progress tracking. Whether you are a mental health professional, a counselor, or a behavioral health practitioner, OutcomeTools is designed to streamline your data collection and reporting, ultimately enhancing the quality of care you provide.

0:08 What is OutcomeTools?
0:18 Questionnaire Library
1:03 Assigning OutcomeTools user permissions in BestNotes
2:03 Adding a client to OutcomeTools
3:41 Assigning questionnaires using a series
5:25 Viewing series assigned questionnaires
6:20 Assigning questionnaires using Instances
7:26 Administer questionnaire using email delivery method
8:27 Administer questionnaire using Kiosk/iPad method
10:06 Viewing assigned and completed questionnaires
10:40 Survey results on the Client Progress Chart
11:42 Master Dashboard Navigation (Administrative functions)
12:28 Client List tab
12:55 Reports Tab
13:32 Managing Users in OutcomeTools
14:06 Levels of Permissions
16:28 Account Settings tab
17:15 Export data from OutcomeTools
17:59 Resources Tab
18:13 Review completed results or administer questionnaire in BestNotes
19:12 Completed Questionnaires listed on Activity Log
19:30 Adding signers to completed questionnaire 

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