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 User Permissions Required (contact your BestNotes System Administrator for user permissions):


For more information on customized questionnaires, click HERE.

OutcomeTools is a separate program, which can be connected to BestNotes. For more information on how your company can add OutcomeTools, create a ticket on this website.

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To start OutcomeTools, go to a patient’s page in BestNotes and click on the OutcomeTools tab.

If this is a new patient, click the Add Client button (Requires Level 4 or 5 OutcomeTools Permission - for more information, click HERE).

NOTE: You will be prompted to launch the OutcomeTools application. If needed, check Remember my choice for all links of this type, then click Launch application

For OutcomeTools to start:

  1. Your default web browser (BestNotes recommends Chrome) will open
  2. You will be automatically logged into OutcomeTools
  3. The Client Details tab will be populated

NOTE: If there is more than one OutcomeTools "User Group" and you need to restrict access to a contact, check the "User Group" in the contact's details to restrict this contact that group and the Administration "User Group" found in User Settings.

The Administration "User Group" allows full access like the BestNotes "Global" Access Tag.

This is what a user will see if they are not part of that "User Group" or if the user does not have the same email in both BestNotes and OutcomeTools.

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In Web Browser

NOTE: At this time, if you have a BestNotes Subscription, it is NOT recommended to use the Add Client button in the upper-right of OutcomeTools. BestNotes users with the OutcomeTools Level 4 or 5 permission, please add clients in the BestNotes OutcomeTools tab.

The Client Details tab has the general information about the client you were viewing in BestNotes. The Client Dashboard looks similar to BestNotes with an Activity Log and progress graph for each assessment type. 

NOTE: The OutcomeTools Activity Log will display notifications for Questionnaires. The client will be notified 4 times before the questionnaire expires:

  1. Questionnaire creation date
  2. 3 days prior expiration
  3. Morning of expiration date
  4. Evening of expiration date

To access questionnaires:

  • Click the Questionnaires tab
  • Manage and filter through the approved list of questionnaires.

New questionnaire:

  • Use the dropdown under Assign New.
  • Under Instance use the drop down options for reporting and multiple uses, or use your keyboard to type in the instance ID using the following format:
    • W1 for Week 1 of treatment, 
    • W2 for Week 2 of treatment
    • etc.
    • NOTE: It is very important that the instance ID is correct and consistent.
  • Under To Be Completed By, select:
    • Provider
    • Related contact
    • Client
  • If you select yourself, the Delivery Method should automatically display in your email address.
  • Delivery Method:
    • For Kiosk or iPad, the patient uses the ID next to the created assessment or patient’s profile edit screen to open the questionnaire on an assigned device
      • For Kiosk mode on mobile device, click HERE
      • Your OutcomeTools System Administrator (Level 5) will provide you the Kiosk URL from the Account Settings:

    • Web Link creates a link to be emailed for completion.
    • By Staff - From Paper would be printed off and completed by assigned staff with pen and paper, then the provider would return to OutcomeTools to enter the data and completion date, before submitting. 
    • The By Staff - In Person or Phone interview methods would be completed by the provider during the patient’s interview. 
    • On Demand (Web Link) method has to be completed and submitted upon creation.
  • Once ready, click the lightning icon to add the questionnaire to the Assigned section of the Questionnaire list.

NOTE: If the Instance ID or Delivery Method needs to be changed before a questionnaire is given, you can click on its row and a window will appear to select a new setting.

A questionnaire can be started by clicking the View Questionnaire button.

All questions are saved per click. A patient or provider can return to the questionnaire and resume at any time, except for the On Demand delivery method. Once completed, click the Submit button.

Why Dismiss?

If a questionnaire is not needed or has expired, click the Dismiss Questionnaire button. This will keep a client's questionnaire list organized.


To recover the dismissed questionnaire click the Restore Questionnaire button.

Complete Questionnaires
  • Click the Checked icon to view the completed questionnaire:

  • Click the Graph icon to view the Report of a complete questionnaire:

Change OutcomeTools Password (for non-BestNotes users):

Click on your name in the upper-right

NOTE: At this time, if you have a BestNotes Subscription, it is NOT recommended to use the Add Client button in the upper-right of OutcomeTools. BestNotes users with the OutcomeTools Level 4 or 5 permission, please add clients in the BestNotes OutcomeTools tab.

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In BestNotes

To start a questionnaire for a new client in BestNotes, first create a questionnaire in the OutcomeTools manager. When you return to the OutcomeTools tab in BestNotes click the refresh button.

The questionnaire will appear below the link. Click the OutcomeTools tab again and the Instant Questionnaire drop-down menu will appear to create a new assessment. Select from the drop down menu, then who it is assigned to, and click Create. Your web browser will open the new questionnaire for the data.

Back on the OutcomeTools tab, the pending and the completed sections are organized by oldest on top and newest at the end. All assessments have an instance categorization, delivery method, and expiration or completed date for quick review.

If the client is present, click on the assessment name to start and complete the questionnaire.

When a questionnaire is submitted, a note is created in the patient’s Activity Log in BestNotes. You can share the results of the assessment by clicking the Globe icon or if the preference is set, it will automatically make it available on your company’s web portal.

"By staff" delivery method will automatically populate the therapists name from BestNotes if previously assigned as a provider.

If this is a regular OutcomeTools client, you will first see a list of Pending and Completed assessments. For quick access, you can filter or refresh this tab for the latest assessments.

Finally, click on Go to OutcomeTools to open the OutcomeTools manager on your web browser window.

For more information on customized questionnaires, click HERE.

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