Prove your effectiveness

The tools you need to send and receive outcome surveys to provide high quality care, track client progress, and measure treatment effectiveness.

OutcomeTools is a state-of-the-art delivery and analysis system for organizations who want to track their effectiveness through the use of electronically delivered outcome questionnaires.

Choose from a variety of standardized questionnaires like the Y-OQ™ or develop your own custom questionnaires. The system is designed to simplify the administration process and increase response rates. Organizations use OutcomeTools to electronically administer, score, and report on many types of outcome measures. The system provides real-time feedback to increase the engagement of participants and staff. Smart automation frees providers to focus on aligning participant responses with treatment and service plans.

OutcomeTools can be used as a stand-alone system or integrated with your BestNotes account. As a secure web-based application, OutcomeTools is an ideal mechanism for conducting large scale studies involving multiple organizations.

OutcomeTools provides

  • Web-based administration.
  • Compatibility with mobile devices.
  • Standardized instruments for accreditation.
  • Multiple reminders and tracking reports.
  • Ability to assign a series of questionnaires.
  • Custom questionnaires.
  • Growing library of public domain and copyrighted questionnaires. Check out our Questionnaire Library.
  • Automated charting of overall and individual outcomes.
  • Management of large studies across multiple organizations.
  • Integration with BestNotes CRM/EHR.

OutcomeTools is the first and only tool available to help bring standardized and custom questionnaires into one place.

Getting started

OutcomeTools is $100 per month, or may come with the latest BestNotes subscription. For pricing evaluation and to activate OutcomeTools, reach out to BestNotes support. For custom questionnaire pricing and requirements visit Customized Questionnaire Requirements.

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