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When your company signs up and asks for IECA and/or NATSAP, your contact's page will be populated with the latest names and contact information for these organizations. Also, they will be marked with their associated Fixed Tag (see below).

The Contacts list will also include BstNotes Implementers' information and given the BestNotes Fixed Tag (see below).

NOTE: This is a one time import. Your company will have to manually enter any new contacts that are associated with these organizations.

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All tags can be renamed according to your company's workflow. For more documentation, click HERE.

  • If your company signs up for IECA and/or NATSAP, these Tag's will be added to the Fixed (categorization) Tags. 
  • The BestNotes Fixed Tag is for BestNotes Implementers you can contact.
  • The Related Contact Mailing is for reports to display who to mail. For example, monthly letters to parents.

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Data Forms

  • HR Info - Employee information
  • Insurance Form - Client Insurance information
  • NATSAP - Locked (Create a ticket for any changes)
  • Sample - Used to train

For more workflow documentation, click HERE.


For more create and edit documentation, click HERE.

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  • CIWA - Alcohol or Addiction Medicine Essentials  Clinical Institute Withdrawal Assessment Of Alcohol Scale, Revised (CIWA-AR)
  • Clinical Opiate Withdrawal Scale (COWS) - Flow sheet for measuring symptoms over a period of time during buprenorphine induction. 
  • Group Note (Basic Essentials) - Used for training. Keep unedited for future use. For more documentation, Click HERE
  • Health Questionnaire - Self-administered questionnaire designed to provide programs with a set of general guidelines to assist in determining an individual’s suitability for treatment/recovery services in a non-medical facility.
  • Incident Report - Basic un-editable Group Note. Create a ticket for any changes. For more documentation, Click HERE
  • Progress Note - Basic Note. Good for training on creating and editing Templates.

For more create and edit documentationClick HERE.


For more workflow documentationClick HERE.

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Standard Reports Click HERE
  • Inquiry Manager
  • Inquiry Report
  • Admissions Report
  • Discharges Report
  • Register/Ledger Report
  • Log Frequency Report
  • Pending Signatures  
  • TPL Diagnosis Report
  • Payers/Authorizations Reports

Custom (Library) ReportsClick HERE
  • From Billing to Users, report on various functions of BestNotes
  • Customize your reports with the help of BestNotes Support (Create ticket)

Report BuilderClick HERE

  • Build your own custom report
  • Save reports for later use

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