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Grade Book
  • Navigate to the Grade Book (For more documentation, Click Here)

  • For each Class Section:
    • Click on a student's name
    • NOTE: Only change the End date for a Mid-Term transfer / move out
    • Select or type a Report Card Comment

    • In the lower right:

      • Review the Credits
      • Review the Calculated Grade

      • Enter a Grade Override as needed
      • Check Term Grades Complete 
        • Adds grade to Report Card report on Student's page
        • This is best practice for Transcript (see below)
    • Save


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Transcript - Student's Academics Page
  • Navigate to student's profile page (For more documentation, Click HERE)
  • Click on the Academics button

  • Click on the Reports tab
  • Select the Transcript type

  • Click on the Import button

  • For each class you want on the transcript
    • Select Grade Level
    • Check the box at the end

  • Click Import

NOTE: Make sure to Delete any Projected grade(s) on the transcript that are completed by official grades before sending the transcript to the parent(s).



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Send To Portal
  • Click the Globe icon (For more documentation, Click HERE)
  • Select who you want to send the Transcript

  • Select the Report Card
  • Click the Globe icon
  • Select who you want to send the Report Card