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 To use the User Reports, you must be logged in as the System Administrator.

User Audit (System Administrator only): 

Displays audit of each users login/logout information.

  •  It can be sorted by: Date Range and User.
  • This report displays: Staff member Login and Logout Date/Time, Failed Login Date/Time, and IP address.

User Billing List (System Administrator only): 

Displays all users in the system. 

  • It will sort by: Admin User, Regular Users, Inactive Users. 
  • This report displays: user name (first and last). It will give a total number of users in each category.

User Groups (System Administrator only): 

Displays all users in groups. 

  • Show by group or user. 
  • This report displays: user name (first and last). 


For more documentation, click HERE.

User Logins (System Administrator only): 

Displays the first and last time a user logged in, also those who have not. 

  • This report displays: User Name, First Login, Last Login.

User Permission (System Administrator only): 

Ability to select a permission and see which users accounts have that permission. 

  • It can be filtered by: User Permission.
  • This report displays: First Name, Last Name, User ID, Time Zone, User Level, User Type, Access Tags, Providers. It will sort active users from inactive users. 

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