The base cost for a custom built OutcomeTools questionnaire is $150.00. This is dependent upon size and complexity of scoring. Most questionnaires fall within the $150.00 range.

To submit a request for a custom questionnaire build include the following details:

  • A completed and scored original copy of the questionnaire (scanned or electronic).
  • Complete scoring details.
  • Copyright information and license details (who owns it, how much does it cost?, etc.).


  • PDF version of survey for paper data collection.

Sending completed questionnaires helps to determine the beginning to end picture and gives BestNotes something to validate against. Scoring details are critical so that we can create the output you need. Unless a copyright/license restricts it, we also like to include a clean PDF version of the questionnaire in the Resources area of OutcomeTools.

Not all instruments can be built, depending upon the copyright holder requirements and the functionality of the questionnaire. Each submitted request will be reviewed, and our OutcomeTools administrator will notify you.
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