To combine the classes a student is enrolled in:

  • Go to the Gradebook for the new section to see if any grades have been entered.

    • If yes, click the plus sign box next to the combined grade (by the student's name), and print. 

  • Go to the student's Enroll tab.
  • Click on the NEW section's Details button

    • Withdraw student from the new section

  • Click Details for the old section
    • Transfer her to the new section

    • Change the End date to the last day of the quarter. 

  • If the student had grades in the new section that you printed, add them into the Gradebook.
    • Go to the teacher's Gradebook

    • Go to the date of the assignment
    • Click Assign

    • Click the box by the assignment and under her name
    • Save and Close
    • Click into the box with the assignment
    • Enter the grade
    • Save 
  • If any attendance was taken, click the Attend link below that date and mark P, A, T, or E.

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