DO NOT use websites with HTTP in the URL to send personal Protected History / Health Information (PHI). NOT all online conversion websites are HIPAA compliant / HTTPS (see URL) secure websites. BestNotes only uses the HTTPS secure website links below during Implementation (to build documentation) and has NOT or will ever use them with documents that have PHI. It is recommended that you have a PC / Local software to complete these tasks with PHI.

: These are 3rd party websites and BestNotes is not recommending them or responsible if you use them to send PHI. Please contact your BestNotes Implementer with any questions.

https://smallpdf.com/Can do all of the following with an HTTPS connection.

If you have a multiple page PDF (e.g. from a scanner), that you want to create (e.g. Template, Group Note, Data Form, etc.) in BestNotes use the links in this order:

Split it option 2 -  https://www.splitpdf.com/ 
  1. Make sure you are on the https secure link and if not, click on "secure connection" (above the Split! button)
  2. Upload PDF to the "// drop a file here" OR select from below (Click My Computer, select file)
  3. Check "Extract all pages into separate files"
  4. Click Split! 
  5. A Zipped file will automatically download to your computer
  6. Extract All the pages

Convert option 2 http://www.newocr.com/ (OCR but NOT https secure)
  1. Click Choose File
  2. Navigate and select one page (PDF) from the extracted folder
  3. Click the blue Preview button
  4. The website will automatically highlight / select the text it is converting
  5. Adjust the selected area as needed
  6. Click the blue OCR button above the selection
  7. Scroll down to the bottom where you can copy the text OR Click the Download dropdown and select Plain Text (TXT) which will automatically download the TXT file.

  8. The downloaded file will be in a Plain Text format 
  9. Copy the text and paste into the BestNotes Notepad for good practice
  10. Copy from the BestNotes Notepad and paste into the section you need (e.g. Template, Group Note, Data Form, etc.)
  11. The text will have no format and will have to be adjusted in BestNotes.

NOTE: Documents uploaded to BestNotes are HIPAA compliant because they are stored and accessed with end-to-end encryption.

Convert PDF's to electronic forms with Adobe: 

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