These are examples and suggestions to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How can I enter grades from another school?

  1. On the Student's Profile page, click the Academics button
  2. Click the Reports tab
  3. Select the Transcript from the Type dropdown list
  4. Under the grade and Category, click the + icon
  5. Enter the information, but change the Grade, Possible Credits and Grade Point Override (See Grading Scales at the bottom of the transcript) as needed

    • For example, if the student comes in half-way through the semester, enter the grade from the other school, but only enter half the credits and change the Begin (start date) in the class the student will attend

A student needs to withdraw from a class?

  • If the student is transferring to another section of the same class use the Transfer button to move all assignments, attendance, etc. to the new class.


  • If the student is moving to a completely different class:

    1. Print the student's Summary report OR Use the Print Screen key (Capture screen) to keep a copy of their current class with assignments, attendance, etc. (NOTE: Change the End date to the last date the student attended that class).
    2. Enter the grades into another class manually OR upload the Screen Capture (picture or print to PDF) to the student's Files tab for later reference.

A student has a bad (low) grade in a higher class?

  1. The student needs to have an End Date in that class.
  2. The student will need to retake the class as needed.

What does a Student need when they move out in the middle of the Semester?
  1. Enter an End DateFinalize the grades for the Transcript in all the student's classes.
  2. Send the parent's a copy in the portal (Globe Icon).

How do I enroll a student into a class half-way in a Semester?
  1. Click the Enroll button
  2. Search for the Student
  3. Change the Start Date for this student only and while in the Enroll Window

A new Teacher is taking over a class?
  1. Do NOT remove or end the class (there is no need).
  2. Go to the Classes tab in the main Academics Admin section.
  3. Change the Teacher and click Update Section (the grades, start date, period, etc. will stay the same).
  4. The new teacher can change the Assignments as needed.

I need to upload GED practice test scores and narrative reports on progress or lack thereof?

  • Any uploaded items, including GED practice test scores and other narrative reports, are loaded to the Files tab on the student's page.
    • A folder for Academics can be created to separate the files from other types of uploads.
  • Otherwise, comments can be added to the Progress Report and Report Cards from the student's page -> Academics button -> Reports tab.

How can I tell a student a future GPA?

Students are not displaying in the Grade Book?

  1. Check to see if the Terms section in Admin has any dates.
  2. If not, in the Admin section, go the Enroll window for that class and change the start date for each student.
  3. They should now display in the Grade Book and you can change the start date for each student there.

New Periods were added and they are not displaying the correct time order?

  • BestNotes Tier 2 support team will be able to place them in order according to time.
  • It is best to keep Periods simple or only have a few and according to the time they are available.

Import grades from past years into the transcript:?

  1. Go to the Report Card for the Academic Year and last term of the year to be imported. 
  2. Go to the Transcript and click Import. 
  3. Select grade and checkbox by the courses to be added, and click Import.

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