Locked Treatment (Tx) plans usually happen when you copy and paste from another source. To prevent this from happening use the BestNotes Notepad (for more information, click HERE).

Examples of where the Tx plan can be fixed (If these do not work, please have your on-site System Administrator create a ticket on this website):

  • Copy all non-Arial text out of a field and paste into the BestNotes Notepad, then Delete all the content in that field box and manually re-enter the text or copy and paste the text out of the BestNotes Notepad.
  • Double boxes indicate that the CSS is broken (Go to the end of the text and press the Delete Key once).
  • Click out of the field to ensure it is saved, and navigate to a different tab (from Master Treatment Plan to BPS)
  • Once navigating to a different tab, the page is refreshed. If you navigate back to the locked document, it should now be accessible. If you continue to experience issues, contact BestNotes Support.

NOTE: Sometimes the treatment plan looks fine and is able to be edited, but if there is "hidden" code, it can cause problems in other areas of BestNotes. It is best practice to use the BestNotes Notepad (for more information, click HERE). For example, if AutoNotes, that have a special field pulling from Treatment plans, are NOT selectable, it means that the section it is pulling has "hidden" code. If you can, cut out (Ctrl+X) the whole section, paste into BestNotes Notepad, Ctrl+X the content out of the Notepad and paste back into the section. This can clear out the "hidden" code and allow the AutoNotes to display and function correctly.

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