The following is a list of places that were improved to certify BestNotes for Meaningful Use Stage 2. For more information on Meaningful Use Stage 2click HERE.

Contacts / Clients

Demographics in Edit Contact Screen

  • Mother's Maiden Name text field
  • Preferred Language dropdown
  • Marital Status dropdown
  • Communication Preference (Bug fixed)

Related Contacts

  • Next of Kin
    • Relationship checkboxes
    • Relationship text field and dropdown menu

  • Type a Relationship in the text field OR use the new dropdown menu


Episode Tab

  • Show Episodes button and screen

  • Episode ID is the Contact ID (CID) for each Episode
  • ** indicates the current Episode
  • Underlined Episode ID's are links to the other Episodes

  • You can add a new Episode which opens the Create Contact screen
  • Add a Case Number in the Nickname


  • You still have to add the Episode as a Related Contact on the Contact's tab.
  • For companies using the EP Related Contact type, the new contact will still need to be added as a Related Contact on the Contacts tab and mark the EP relationship checkbox (for more information, Click HERE).


See the Med/Clinical button/screen section below



  • O:
    • C)


  • O:

General Log

  • O:



  • Problem List => Modify can now change the diagnosis to another code set


  • O:
    • C)

Initial Treatment (Tx) Plan

  • Os:
    • C)

Master Treatment (Tx) Plan

  • Objectives:
    • Check associated goal(s) (For more information Click HERE)
    • During Diagnosing 

    • After adding Goals and Objectives 

  • Place


  • Review Meds:
    • After the Continuity of Care Document (CCD) is imported, transport or confirm which Meds you want on the Meds tab.
    • Reconcile External Meds as needed.
  • DrFirst for ePrescribing and Med Allergy regulation (for more information on DrFirst, Click HERE).


  • O:
    • C)


  • Add Impairment:
    • Cognitive (e.g. Dyslexia)
    • Functional (e.g. Blindness)


System Administrator

  • 2nd login to enter and track non-System Administrator User:
    • Username
    • Password

Locking BestNotes

  • When you are locked out of BestNotes, all ancillary windows will be locked as well
  • For Example:
    • Med/Clinical
    • Group Notes
    • Admissions
    • New Notes (templates)
    • AutoNotes
    • Settings:
      • Ledger Settings
      • Facility
      • Payers
      • Calendar settings
    • etc.
  • Please, do not close any windows that are locked
  • Unlock BestNotes on the main window to Save and safely Log off.



  • Direct Email:
    • Email for ...
    • Direct Email for ...
  • Permissions:
    • Enable CDS - Allows a user to Enable CDS (Clinical Decision Support)
    • CDS Admin - Allows a user to view Admin CDS (Clinical Decision Support)
  • Address

Audit Config

  • D:
    • E...

Emergency Access

  • When a user must access a client's records, who is outside of a user's Access tags, the Emergency Access permission and Settings button will allow a user to do so during an emergency

  • This is in compliance with BestNotes becoming Meaningful Use Stage 2 Medicaid certified
  • To exit the Emergency Access, a user will be able to return to the original settings at the top-right of the screen

The following are development items and coming soon:
  • Race multi-select dropdown in Contact Details screen
  • New Special Fields for Templates
  • Clinical Decision Support (CDS) §170.314(a)(8)
  • Record Smoking Status §170.314(a)(11)
  • Family Health History §170.314(a)(13)
  • Patient Lists §170.314(a)(14)
  • Patient-Specific Education Resources §170.314(a)(15)
  • Auditing §170.314(d)(2)
  • Patient Amendments §170.314(d)(4)
  • Immunization Registries Data Submission §170.314(f)(2)
  • Automatic Measurement Calculation §170.314(g)(2)
  • Transition of Care Summary §170.314(b)(1)(2)
  • Clinical Information Reconciliation §170.314(b)(4)
  • Data Portability §170.314(b)(7)
  • Patient Ability to Electronically View, Download, and Transmit (VDT) Health Information §170.314(e)(1)
  • Clinical Summaries §170.314(e)(2)
  • Syndromic Surveillance Data Submission §170.314(f)(3)

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