Thank you for your interest in e-Prescribing with BestNotes using DrFirst.

Our help video demonstrates how DrFirst is used with BestNotes for e-Prescribing. If you decide to use DrFirst, your staff can also receive live training.

The cost for DrFirst can be found at:

If you're ready to begin the subscription process, then please click on the DrFirst Subscription Portal link below to access the portal and create a portal account. The portal will then allow you to complete payment/provider information and sign the DrFirst agreement.

Once we process your subscription, a member of our implementation support department will respond back to you with the next steps.

The DrFirst setup timeline is as follows:

  • 1 business day to pay BestNotes for DrFirst

  • 3-10 business days for provider verification that complies with DEA, NIST, and Surescripts requirements, including EPCS verification if needed.

    • This is the responsibility of DrFirst. 
    • DrFirst conducts a background check to confirm the eligibility of each provider through Experian credit reporting.

    • BestNotes has no control over how long this background check takes.

    • BestNotes staff will try to schedule a time with you to complete this form.

Example steps:

  1. Click on the link in the email to fill out the DrFirst form.

  2. Use a mobile device number that can receive text messages.


Gain access to BestNotes ePrescribing link once the proofing process is done.This will have to be done for every new Future Provider who needs to EPCS and can take just as long each time.
  • Always have more than one token (mobile app or key fob) so that the provider has a backup in case the physical device gets lost or broken.
    • Each token must be bound to the provider before the provider can write an EPCS prescription (See below).
  • The provider should check with their state's prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) before prescribing a controlled substance.

EPCS Gold Setup - Click HERE

To learn more about how DrFirst works with BestNotes, Click HERE.

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