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  :21 - Navigation

1:24 - Patient Setup

1:56 - Pharmacy

2:26 - Add / Manage Medications 

3:43 - Review / Prescribe

4:48 - Allergies

5:07 - Problems

5:29 - Favorites

6:16 - Sync with BestNotes


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Q: My Mac will not let me click OK to link a client to Dr. First.

A: https://help.bestnotes.com/support/solutions/articles/11000033403


 User Permissions Required (contact your BestNotes System Administrator for user permissions):




  • Dr.First users will need the View Meds Reports Permission to have a button on their client's page.
  • The Comments field in DrFirst populates the Notes field in BestNotes.
  • Once a DrFirst user clicks the ePrescribe button on any client's page, that client's meds must be managed in DrFirst from then on.
    • If a location in your company does NOT want to use DrFirst:
      • Uncheck the View Meds Reports for the users at that location.
      • This will allow these users and clients to manage medications in the Med/Clinical Meds tab only.
    • BestNotes recommends using Access Tags for each location in order to prevent a user from another location accidentally changing a client's med management to DrFirst.

Comprehensive documents, reports, and templates using Special Fields can pull in and show medications that are entered in the Meds tab OR DrFirst and as long as the Include Med in Tx Plan is checked.
  • Meds created in DrFirst will automatically check this box
  • Un/check in the Meds tab as needed


Allergies must match in BestNotes for them to populate the Allergies Tab in the Med/Clinical window and the eMAR.

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