When managing individual users, you can setup a few items in relation to billable services. When viewing the "User Details", navigate to the "Provider Setup" tab. 

Selecting the "Supervising Provider Required" checkbox will require you to select the "Default Supervising Provider."  This will influence the following actions:

  • Add the indicated supervisors NPI to claims.
  • Add the supervisor to all of the users templates.

The "Default Supervising Provider" drop-down list will include any users that have at least one of the provider checkboxes checked in the "User Details" tab.

The "Facility" drop-down information is pulled from the facilities set up by the System Administrator. 

The "Provider NPI", "Taxonomy", and "State Lic" fields can populate billing features.

If you would like to add additional options such as "Facility NPI" or "Taxonomy (Sec)", submit this request to BestNotes Support.

For more information regarding Superbill setup, visit Superbill: special Register/Ledger report.

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