• The left side is to open a previous facility's information (e.g. to make updates). 
  • The right side is where you make the updates OR create a new Facility.
  • Clear does NOT delete a facility, it only clears the form to enter a new facility

  • Red highlighted fields are required (If this required information is unknown, any number can be added to save the facility and entered at a later time).
  • Pay to fields are required and are for parent companies that need to receive payments.


  • Default POS - Place of Service codes (2 digits)
  • NPI - National Provider Identification for the Facility
  • Facility Taxonomy - Specialty Provider Codes (Your company must register for these codes)

Where to add a Facility:
  • The Episode tab for a client


  • After a Facility is selected in a client's Episode tab, it will be automatically set when that client is added to: 
    • Appointments


  • Single ledgers


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