ASAM Continuum is a computerized clinical decision support system (CDS) that provides a computer-guided, standardized interview for assessing and caring for patients with substance use and co-occurring conditions. With Continuum, clinicians can:

  1. Conduct a comprehensive biopsychosocial patient risk and needs assessment along the six ASAM Criteria Dimensions. 
  2. Determine the ASAM Criteria Level of Care recommendation, including continued stay and transfer recommendations. 
  3. Obtain ASI Severity Subscale Composite Scores: Medical, Alcohol, Drug, Psychological, Employment, Family/Social and Legal.
  4. Complete CIWA and CINA assessments for withdrawal. 
  5. Speed up and successfully obtain managed care prior authorizations. 

ASAM Continuum cost $840 per provider per year. It's important to note that ASAM does not give refunds.  If you would like to learn more about this product please review the ASAM Continuum website or contact for a short demonstration.    

NOTE: This is an external product provided by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM). BestNotes will only provide the billing and the connection to this service. For more information, visit the ASAM Continuum Knowledge Base.

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