• This workflow could replace the initial Portal Linking feature, but not for future unlinking and relinking a contact to the portal (e.g. to re-establish a contact that returns).
  • A person could still get to your company's portal via a web link and create their own account (Click HERE).
  • Once a person is in their account they will follow some basic steps to see documents (Click HERE).

Appointment Screen And Contact Screen Patient Portal Access

  • Signifies what is needed for contact to see portal documents
  • Users with the Web Portal permission will be able to create a portal account for a patient from within BestNotes, by clicking on the icon with a gray globe and highlighted person, seen below.
  • They will also be able to print out instructions for accessing the portal for a particular patient.
  • Users will be able to do this both from the Calendar Appointment window and from the contact's main page:



The color of the icon will indicate the current status the user can take when clicking it.


All gray:

  • The contact doesn't have an email address set up in their contact profile, so no portal account actions can be taken (to setup the portal account, users will need to establish an email address for the contact).


Gray globe, visible/highlighted person:

  • Patient has an email address but no portal account set up currently.
  • Clicking the icon will prompt to create a portal account for the contact.
  • This will send an email to the person with instructions on how to get to the portal and then prompt the user to print the instructions (see instruction example below).
    • If a Facility is set in the client's Episode tab prior to an email being sent out, the email will populate the facility name.
    • To have the email populate the main company name (found at very the top left of the window) when a Facility is already designated, switch the Facility to the first option "--", send out the email, and switch the Facility back to the proper designation.



  • The Register link will take them to your company's portal with your company's logo to create a portal password. 
  • This portal password will also be used to sign documents on the portal. 



Blue globe, visible/highlighted person:

  • Patient has portal account access already.
  • If the contact has entered their portal pin, clicking icon will prompt to print portal access instruction sheet.
  • Otherwise, clicking once will associate the portal account to the contact record, then prompt to print instructions (see instruction example below).


Gray globe, red warning sign:

  • Patient has an email address associated with a portal account that is associated with a contact record not their own
  • No actions can be taken.

When a portal account is created with an email address in the Contact's Details screen, the contact will recieve an email and a user will be prompted to print the following instructions. This print out will have your company's credentials and logo.


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