The BestNotes Portal can provide a link to a document (PDF) on the same page as the application(s). This can be:

  • Additional information about a program
  • Recommendations
  • etc.

This could also mean having a PDF that can be printed or digitally filled out on a contact's personal computer (e.g. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, free, but may require training to those who have not used it). What does the contact do with a digital copy? See NOTES below.

  • DO NOT have contacts or BestNotes users eMail any document that has PHI (see Government regulations below), even simple demographics (e.g. name).
  • Please have your contacts fax / mail (postal service) any PHI documents to your company as stated in the portal.
  • Use a secure electronic method to have the document sent to your company.

BestNotes does NOT currently have a secure electronic method for contacts to send PHI outside of the portal OR an upload feature in the portal. We recommend a user fill out a form in BestNotes on behalf of the contact and send the document via the portal to be signed.

US Government


Protected Health Information (PHI):



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