Lock and unlock a Data Form:

  • Use Cases - 
    • Inactivate - To archive a Template so it can no longer be added to a contact, while preserving all data entered.
    • Locking - To prevent unintended changes when opening a Template to review the structure.
  • NOTE: Un/Lock or Inactivate a Data Form in the list (see directly below).

  • Open Data Form that is locked:

  • Inactivate a Data Form -  NOTES:
    • This does not remove the form from contacts and can still be used for reporting purposes.
    • If a Data Form is inactive - 
      • It will still be added if it is included in a new Contact's set of Forms.
      • At this time the Data Form will have to be removed from the set of forms by BestNotes Support prior to creating new contacts.
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