Version control has been added to comprehensive assessments and treatment plans found in the med/clinical area. This exciting development means that a document’s content can be updated without having to wait until snapshots have been published for all current clients. When a new version of a document (e.g. intake assessment) is uploaded, it will be applied to each new client that doesn’t already have a document started. An existing client will stay on the version assigned, unless the user moves to the latest version by selecting ‘Update to latest Version’. When moving to the latest version, BestNotes will give a prompt to publish a snapshot before moving forward. If you choose to publish a snapshot when updating the version, the snapshot will be saved to the client’s activity log, per the usual methods. If you choose to not save snapshot and continue to the next version, you will be able to go back to the previous version, which will be a read-only format and publish a snapshot from there.


  • Updating cannot be undone and it is best practice to publish a snapshot before continuing.
  • New Clients will be automatically set to the latest version. 
  • When you update to the latest version:
    • All Field ID's that match between the version the client is on and the latest version will pull / migrate the data in those fields to the latest version. 
    • Any new fields will be blank and if they should be populated, please click the pull forward (refresh) icon at the top of the window.
    • The drop-down menu will only display the versions the client was "updated" or set to (e.g., The dropdown menu will only allow V1 and V3 if the client was never set to V2). 
  • Past versions are read-only versions for snapshots.
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