If you are having trouble with a portal account, try the following solutions.

A parent can only see 1 of 2 children on Portal Scenario

  • Parent logs in to a portal using home@example.com, but she can only see 1 of 2 kids listed.
  • Unlinking and then relinking the Parent to the portal account in the Edit Details screen did not work (Un/Link).

Home Email
Work Email
Contact Linked to Portal
Web Portal "Relationship" Checked on Related Parent
Yes (Home)
NA, as documents can be added just from parent's chart and for parent only
Child 1

Child 2


Possible Solutions:

  • Unlink Child 1 and Child 2, unless child 2 is using the other email.
    • Delete the Parent's work email that is not linked and Unlink and Relink the Parent to the intended account.
    • Have the Parent log in or Refresh.
    • Once the parent can see both kids, you can try to replace the work email and see if the parent can still see both.

  • Run the "Portal Accounts" report or use the "Report Builder" to -
    • Search for the email being used.
    • Check to see if the email is linked to a duplicate contact.

  • Thoroughly check all intended documents to see if any need to be reportalized on children and parent's charts.

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