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The DrFirst Identity-Proofing (IDP) is through Experian. The IDP process verifies identities using a combination of personal identity verification. The provider must also activate a token and link it to their profile. 


  • EPCS users will receive an email with a link to verify identity (expires in 30 days).
  • Entering a Cell phone number will speed up the process.
  • Having two tokens are best or highly recommended:
    • Hard token (physical key fob)
    • Serial Number on back.

  • and
    • Soft token - via mobile app (speeds up process).
      • The provider needs the Credential ID at top and Security ID which is the Token # (Changes every 30 seconds).
      •  Click here to download the VIP Access soft token by Symantec.
      • The DEA requires that providers use a soft token on a device that is separate from the device they use for ePrescribing.


To begin the IDP process:

  1. Open the registration invite email and click on the link to register.  
  2. Your browser opens to the registration website.  
  3. Enter your NPI and the Invite ID included in the email.
  4. You must accept the terms of use.

5.  Next,  check and acknowledge the prerequisites and click Continue.

Step 1 - User Registration. 

  1. Enter all required personal information.
  2. Credit-card information will accurately confirm identity but is not required. 

    • If you are using a credit card to assist with confirming your identity, you must use a personal Visa or Mastercard, not a debit card.
      • It is important to enter an address that matches the billing address and phone number associated with the credit card. 
    • When entering your DEA #, please use all capital letters (for example AA1234567, NOT aa1234567 or Aa1234567). 
      • Enter your primary DEA #, not a special DEA # or special identification # that has been assigned to you in order to prescribe addiction medications.
    • If you enter incorrect demographic information, EPCS Gold presents you with a message that informs you of an unsuccessful identity-proofing.

Step 2 - Financial Verification

NOTE: The system does not allow the provider to continue identity-proofing for 24 hours if any of the questions are answered unsuccessfully three times in a row.

Step 3 - Verified 1

DrFirst will tell you if you have been verified.

Step 4 - Passphrase

Next, you must create a passphrase that you will use to access your account in the future and during the process of sending a scheduled medication within OP. 

  • The passphrase needs to be at least 8 characters long and must include at least one capital letter and one number.
  • BestNotes support is not able to reset your passphrase but will contact DrFirst with the provider on the phone.
  • Therefore, create a security question/answer in case the provider forgets the passphrase and needs to reset it.

Step 5 - Verified 2

EPCS Gold displays a confirmation message when you successfully create the passphrase.

Step 6 - Add Token

The IDP process asks you to add your EPCS token(s) to your account.

  • Hard Token:
    • Hard token received from DrFirst via USPS. 
    • To obtain the One-Time-Password/PIN (OTP), push the blue button.
  • Soft Token:
    • Access your App Store, search for the VIP Access application, and download it to your device OR  Click here.
    • The device must be separate from the device you will be using to prescribe controlled substances.
    • When you set up your soft token, you are asked to enter the following information:
  1. A nickname for your token.
  2. The serial number from the back of the hard token, which starts with AVT, or the Credential ID from the token downloaded from the App Store, which starts with VSMT. 
    1. When entering the serial number, make sure to enter the serial number/Credential ID using all capital letters.
  3. The OTP PIN from the hard token (security code from the soft token). 
    1. Note: On the hard token, the PIN changes every 30 seconds, so if it disappears before you have a chance to enter it, simply push the blue button again.

After completing the IDP process, providers have the ability to add multiple tokens to their account. Providers that do not wish to add multiple tokens after completing the IDP process can click Cancel Additional Token. Providers will continue to have the ability to manage their tokens within the EPCS Gold Prescriber Dashboard later if needed.

Finally, EPCS Gold displays a confirmation message that your token has been added to your account.

Step 7 - Text or Letter

The seven-step IDP process concludes with Experian, the vendor that DrFirst has selected to provide identity verification.

  • Either use the letter that includes an IDP confirmation code for the identity-verification session you completed and instructs you to log back in to enter the confirmation code.


  • Request a Text message to confirm immediately.

Register DrFirst EPCS Gold account through BestNotes:

  1. Any user that has been designated as a DrFirst administrator will navigate to DrFirst from a client's page (try having any DrFirst user follow these steps and contact BestNotes Support for any help).
    1. If there is only one DrFirst User, ask BestNotes support to activate this feature.
  2. In DrFirst, click on the EPCS Gold button at the top.
  3. Make sure they are selected to be Active.
  4. Enter the NPI from Prescriber's list.
  5. Have the controlled substances prescriber enter in the fields at the bottom (NOTE: These will be found on the Key Fob from DrFirst).
  6. The Token will give you a number to enter in the last field (OTP - One Time Pin).
  7. The Administrator may be prompted to validate this entry again and then click the Authorize button.

If the Passphrase is unknown, the provider can reset it (Click here). 

Click here to view a video of the IDP process.

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