July 16, 2018

User Groups Updates

User groups and templates have been updated. When a user changes the group restrictions of a template from the settings area, there is now the ability to apply these changes to documentation that was already created and saved. This can be done by clicking on "Apply to All Documentation" (See Figure 2-3). The user will need to follow the prompts to save, and then this will apply the group restrictions to any documentation that was already created (See Figure 2-4 & 2-5). In order to apply the group restrictions to any future templates, the user must select "Save & Close".  

Figure 2-3 . Apply "Auto-Restrict" group to All existing documentation.


Figure 2-4. This will apply all changes to previously saved documentation.

Figure 2-5. Changes applied to all existing documentation.

Another way that Group Restrictions have been updated, if a group is assigned to a template, and that group is deleted, that group will now show "Undefined" in the template settings area. This can be removed from the existing documents by unchecking the 'Undefined" checkbox and selecting "Apply to All Documentation". To remove this group from all future documents, uncheck the "Undefined" checkbox and select "Save & Close" (See Figure 2-6). 

Figure 2-6. Once a group is deleted, it will appear as "Undefined" and can be removed from existing and future documents.

NOTE: If you want to apply your changes of the undefined to existing documentation, this MUST be done before you save and close. Once you save and close, the undefined will disappear, and will not longer be available.

July 11, 2018

Client Page Demographics

When viewing a client's demographics in the top right corner of a client's page, "Key Comments" will now appear in red to show the importance of those notes (See Figure 2-1). It is also possible to list other items in the same area to be modified by our support team, to turn items red and move them to the top (See Figure 2-2). Please reach out to our Support Team to find out if what you need can be placed there!

Figure 2-1. Key Comments are now red.

Figure 2-2. These are two data form fields that were added as priority to the headers.

NOTE: To inquire about fields that you would like to see here, please reach out to our support team by phone at 208-543-6646, or submit a ticket to team@bestnotes.com.

June 20, 2018

Private Appointments

We have updated our appointments to reflect private appointments differently, in an attempt to improve HIPAA compliance. When an appointment is set to private, only the provider listed on the appointment will be able to see the details of the appointment and make edits to that appointment (See Figure 1-35 and 1-36). When viewing another users private appointment the user will only see who it belongs to and that they are busy for that specified amount of time (See Figure 1-37), they will not be able to click into the appointment, no notes will show, and there will not be a box that hovers with information. 

FIgure 1-35. Setting a private appointment

Figure 1-36. View of the private appointment by assigned provider.

Figure 1-37. When viewing another user's private appointment.

June 19, 2018

Authorizations Updates

When adding an existing authorization template, users will now be able to delete that template if there is no longer a use for it (See Figure 1-32). When creating a new authorization template, it will no longer allow a save without a name (See Figure 1-33). 

Figure 1-32. Deleting an existing authorization template.

Figure 1-33. Naming a new template is now required.

System Administrator Updates

There is a minor update to how the "System Administrator" checkbox works. The System Administrator, or a user with the "System Administrator" checked will have the ability to see and check the "System Administrator" checkbox.  The system administrators will have the ability to interact with only the Email, Password, and the Forgot password reset check box (See figure 1-34). 

 Figure1-34. System Adminstrator User Details Access.

Note: If the users can't see the System Administrator account before checking the "System Administrator" checkbox, this will not give them the ability to see that account because that is controlled by access tags.

June 5, 2018

Medications Tab Update

When adding a new medication to the medications tab, the "Include med in tx plan" checkbox is now checked by default (See Figure 1-31).

Figure 1-31. Include Med in Tx Plan checked by default.

May 3, 2018

System Administrator Updates

When a user has the permission to "manage users" there is a checkbox on each user details page titled "System Administrator" (see Figure 1-30). If a user has this box checked, this qualifies them as a System Administrator, and that user will now have the ability to change the system administrator password in the case of a forgotten password. 

Figure 1-30.  System Administrator check box.

April 30, 2018

Custom Medications

Custom medications includes a list of "Custom Medications" which is a list of 'favorite' medications available company-wide, and "Medication Groups" which is a group of one or more predefined medications that can be applied to a client at one time. For more information, please visit our Custom Medications help page.

April 23, 2018

User Billing List Report:

Starting with billing on May 1, 2018, any regular billing users will be charged as a regular user, and all billing users should be added as a Billing Resource user (See Figure 1-29). The User Billing List currently reflects all appropriate users. If you have any questions, please call our support line at 208-543-6646 and ask for Greg.

Figure 1-29. Regular Billing user

April 3, 2018

Academic Special Field

There is a new special field regarding Academics, {XEDU_PROGRESSRPT}. This special field can be used in Templates and in the Med/Clinical area. This field is an academic progress report that will show Class, Instructor and Term Comments for all terms in the active academic year (See Figure 1-28). For more special fields click here.

Figure 1-28. {XEDU_PROGRESSRPT} Academics progress report special field.

March 29, 2018

Login Screen Update:

We have updated our login screen with two new links!(See Figure 1-26) Below the "End User License Agreement" is now "Release Notes", which will bring you to this page, which shows you everything that has been updated recently, and below that is our "Interested in what we are working on now?", which will take you to our Development Trello board, which will show you everything that has been deployed, and the items that we are currently working on. 

Figure 1-26. New "Release Notes" and "Interested in what we are working on now?" links on the Login Screen.

Authorizations & Ledger Codes Update:

When adding a code to an Authorization on the "Episode" tab on a client's page, users will now only see one code, even if there are multiple codes across different or the same categories (See Figure 1-27).

Figure 1-27. Multiple codes show singular when adding to an authorization.

March 13, 2018

Ledger/PCQ Update:

When managing the "Category" in the ledger, users now have the ability to set a Clinical Category to a "Do Not Autobill" status. This is done by selecting the "Do Not Autobill" checkbox located directly below the "Clinical Codes" checkbox (See Figure 1-25).  Once selected all codes associated with that category will no longer appear in the PCQ. 

Figure 1-25. "Do Not Autobill" for a "Clinical Code".

March 1, 2018

Appointment Reminder Settings Updates:

A user with the appropriate permissions, is able to customize the "Practice Name" (See Figure 1-23).  Once the user has customized the "Practice Name", below "Options" they will need to make sure "Display the provider name as: " is set to "Practice Name", and the checkbox directly below that will need to be checked in order for the customized name to be used (See Figure 1-24). Remember to select "Save" to implement your changes!

Note: When making any changes in the Appointment Reminder settings, it can take a minimum of an hour and up to 24 hours for the changes to take effect. This time frame can vary depending on when your reminders are set to be sent.

Figure 1-23. Customize the "Practice Name".

FIgure 1-24. Specify the use of "Practice Name" override to use the customized Practice Name.

Appointment reminder report update:

The "Appointment Reminder" Report has been updated to still be available even if a company has unsubscribed from the appointment reminders.

February 21, 2018

Pending Signature Report Update:

An update has been added to the "Pending Signatures" report. When using this report, it is available to select the link of the document associated with the signature that is needed (See Figure 1-21).  This will now take you to the document to review (See Figure 1-22). 

FIgure 1-21. Pending Signatures report, focusing on the "Log Type".

Figure 1-22. When opening a "Template" type of document, this opens the document on the clients page.

February 19, 2018

Ledger Update:

An update has been made to the ledger. When managing categories within the Ledger (See Figure 1-19) when a category is not marked as clinical, it is now possible to "inactivate" this code by editing the code (See Figure 1-20).

Figure 1-19. This is a category that is not marked as a clinical code.

Figure 1-20. Inactivating a ledger code that is not categorized as "Clinical".

February 5, 2018

New Special Field Update: 

We have created a new special field that is intended to use with Calendar Appointments that have templates attached to them. The special field will need to be added into the template (See Figure 1-15) and can be done either by your system administrator or BestNotes staff. Once this has been completed, the appointment type will need to have that template attached. Once the user has selected either "Checked In", or "Begin Appointment" then the appointment "Provider" (See Figure 1-16) will be populated into the template upon opening (See Figure 1-17).

Figure 1-15. Add the special field to the template. 

Figure 1-16. The special field will pull the appointment "Provider" into the template.

Figure 1-17. The appointment provider will then be added into the template upon opening.  

Report Builder Updates:

The report builder will now Display and Filter based on the Facility and Marital Status (See Figure 1-18).

Figure 1-18. Facility and Marital Status are available.  

February 2, 2018

Calendar Updates:

Within a recurring appointment, when looking at the "Recurrence" tab, it will now show all of the appointments that are included in that set of recurring appointments (See Figure 1-14)

Figure 1-14. Recurring Appointments. 

January 22, 2018

Login and Lock Screen updates:

BestNotes Login page has a New Look! (See Figure 1-7) Coming soon, there will be login screen messages included with the Login area (See Figure 1-8). Login messages will include items such as Major Development that has been released, or different features of BestNotes that you may not be aware are available. This is all in an attempt to "Tell our story" and is intended for informational purposes only. The same messages will be seen on our new lock screen (See Figure 1-9). 

Note: Emergency notifications or server maintenance message will be visible at the top of the screen (See Figure 1-10 and Figure 1-11).

Figure 1-7. New Look of Our Login Screen.

Figure 1-8. Login Messages.

Figure 1-9. Lock Screen.

Figure 1-10. Emergency Notifications and System Maintenance messages.

Figure 1-11. Emergency Notifications and System Maintenance messages expanded.

ASAM Co-Triage (TM):

BestNotes can now connect to "Co-Triage" assessments. Please click the link to learn more about "Co-Triage"! When using this, the System Administrator will need to make sure that permissions are updated appropriately (See Figure 1-12). 

Figure (1-12) Permissions for ASAM "Co-Triage".

NOTE: The numbers listed next to the first column count the available ASAM licenses. 

Pending Signature Report Updates:

The "Pending Signatures" report now has a date range filter (See Figure 1-13).

Figure 1-13. "Pending Signatures" report new date range parameter.

Standard Report Updates:

Standard reports now have links on the report to view the document.

January 11, 2018

Print Calendar View Updates:

Users can now print an agenda view of all the calendar views from "MORE" (See Figure 1-2):

Figure 1-2. Select "More" to print selected Calendar View.

  • Single Day View *Previously Available
  • Monday - Friday View *New (See Figure 1-3 and 1-4)
  • Sunday - Saturday View *New
  • Month View *New (See Figure 1-5 and 1-6)

NOTE: When printing  the "Month" view, the printout will include only the days that have appointments, and will include all days that are visible in this view. This means that the printout may include more than just the current month. (See Figure 1-5 and Figure 1-6)

Figure 1-3. Monday - Friday View within BestNotes.

Figure 1-4. Monday - Friday View Printout.

Figure 1-5. Monthly Calendar View Layout within BestNotes, visible dates include January 28th through March 10th.

Figure 1-6. Monthly Calendar View Printout, this includes all appointments in the above date range, but only the dates that have appointments.

January 4, 2018 

P-Census Report update:   

This report will now allow a user to filter by any date range (previously only 31 days were allowed) (See Figure 1-1), and will display clients that have a "Program" without requiring that program to have a location.

Figure 1-1. P-Census Report Result example.