All of our Most recent updates for 2018 will be at our new "What's New" page, just click on the link below to see what we have been doing!

What's New (2018)

February 21, 2018 -  Ledger Updates

Ledger Update:

  • When viewing the pending signatures report, there is now a link available within the "Log Type" to review that document:

February 19, 2018 -  Ledger Updates

Ledger Update:

  • When managing categories within the ledger, it is now possible to inactivate a category that is not marked clinical.

February 5, 2018 -  General Updates

Appointment Provider: 

  • To populate the correct User on a note from an appointment.

Report Builder: 

  • Display and filter by Facility and Marital Status.

February 2, 2018 -  Calendar Updates

Recurring Appointments: 

  • Now display in the Recurrence tab at all times:

January 22nd, 2018 -  General Updates

Login and Lock Screens: 

  • New look

  • New messages from BestNotes coming soon

  • Server maintenance messages will be found at the top.

ASAM CO-Triage (TM): 

  • BestNotes can connect to CO-Triage assessments.
  • New Permissions (NOTE: the numbers count the available ASAM licences)


  • Pending Signature has a new date range filter.
  • Standard reports have links to contact pages.

January 11th, 2018 -  Print Calendar View Updates

Users can now print all the calendar views from MORE (upper-right): 

  • Single Day (previously available)
  • M-F (New)

  • Sunday - Saturday (New)

  • Month (New)
    • NOTE: the printout will include 42 days worth of appointments or what is visible in this view.

January 4th, 2018 -  Report Updates

Reportable Group Notes Report: 

  • BestNotes support can now include a drop-down filter of options for one column.

P-Census report: 

  • now displays clients that only have a Program (previously it would only display a program that had a location).
  • now allows a user to filter by any date range (previously only 31 days were allowed).

December 28th, 2017 -  General Updates

Group Notes: 

  • Using the "Save" button will no longer close the group note.

  • Slight adjustment to the signature notice, reminding staff that the group note can be signed on the "For Review" tab

  • Slight adjustment to the Close and Cancel notification.

Patient Portal: 

  • Each patient portal now contains a link to the Term of Use on our website. The terms have been available for a number of months but this now gives a direct link to the proper page. To review the terms please click here.

User Settings: 

  • The following characters are allowed in the first and last name fields when creating and updating a user (colon, apostrophe, underscore, period, and a comma). All other special characters will not be allowed.

  • Login field to change User ID when logging in (i.e. name change).


  • A new special field has been created which shows the active problems and goals from the Treatment Plan {XPROB_GOALS_ACTIVE}.

  • Episode Pull Forward message

  • Send to feature in Note and new message in Activity Log (Chart - New Note section).

Register / Ledger Report:

  • Voided transactions can now be shown on the Register / Ledger Report. The dollar values can also be shown and will be added in the grand total, if visible.


  • The current page will be highlighted on the left-hand side. Group Notes will not be highlighted as it opens a new window.

December 14th, 2017 -  Med Updates

Creating Claims:

  • To improve speed, the Claims Manager will signify "Loading Ledgers."

Inactive Codes Order:

  • Inactive codes will display at the bottom of the list in Ledger Settings.

December 8th, 2017 -  Med Updates

New Titration Notes in Med/Clinical:

  • Edit Med

  • Med's List

  • Print out

New Titration Notes display in eMAR with Medication Day and Duration:
  • May require clearing the cache: On PC: Ctrl + F5 - on Apple MAC: CMD + R (for more options including Tablets, click HERE)
  • Patient Settings

  • MedPass Configurations

  • MedPass

November 20th, 2017 -  Updates

Group Notes:

  • History Tab Group dropdown menu

  • Admin Tab

  • New Group Note Requires Name


Treatment Plan Library wrapping issue:

  • Users on a Mac with a retina display would wrap the buttons when using part of the treatment plan problem wizard. T
  • his has been addressed and should no longer wrap.

November 10th, 2017 -  Updates

Treatment Plans:

  • Master - {XDX_CRITERIA} and Initial Tx Plan - {XIDX_CRITERIA} to list "As Evidenced By" with diagnosis.
  • {XPROB_GOALS} Lists problems and their associated goals.

Billing Client Payers Report:

  • New Tag dropdown menu
  • New "Include Inactive Clients" checkbox

November 1st, 2017 -  Report Updates

Inquiry, Discharges, and Admission Standard reports:

  • All have been updated with new filters.
  • For example, Date Ranges and Locations.

October 22nd-25th, 2017 -  Updates

User Settings

  • The Force password reset checkbox is now under the Password fields.


  • The Medications Review report can now display the "Expanded" view and when it was last reviewed.

October 1st, 2017 -  Updates

2018 ICD-10-CM and DSM-5 Changes:

  • DSM-5 was updated on October 2nd.
  • For more information, click HERE .


  • Tag History (Track when a tag was changed)
  • C-Appointment Status when a provider or contact are at the same facility for overlayed appointments (Provider and Contacts can be grouped and display when either has appointments at the same time, click HERE).

September 22, 2017 -  Med/Clinical Versions and Updates


  • Versioning allows users to:
    • Update a client's documents as needed.
    • Past versions can still be published to the Activity Log.
    • More information available on the Versioning support page.
    • NOTE: Because of these updates, BestNotes staff will not be able to make any changes to Assessments or Treatment Plans from 9-8-17 to 9-18-17.
  • Diagnosing
    • DSM-IV will Sunset
    • ICD-10 2018 Code set will become available October 1st, 2017.

Settings - New Look:

  • To make room for current and future features.

  • Ledger Settings can be programmed to process default units via Fee Schedules or what a Payer wants.
    • When adding ledgers, the Usual fee will populate like normal for Appointments and Group Note Group Entries, but when the ledger is saved the Fee Schedule will post and the Fee Schedule will populate when a single ledger is being added on a client's Register tab or Note.
    • For example, the Insurance wants 6 units on the claim (Requires the Bill Rate to be a number that will multiply with the Fee Schedule's Default Units to get the desired amount):

Populates Usual Fee First

Posts Fee schedule upon saving.


  • Program BestNotes to automatically Add a Data Form to a specific contact type every time that type of contact is created (e.g.,  add an Insurance form to all newly created Clients).
    • NOTE: the form is NOT added to contacts that are switched from Individual to Client.

  • We have created a calendar resource replacing the existing method of creating a restricted user with "calendar" in the Last name field. 
    • All existing calendar users will be converted to the new resource type. 
    • For more information, please see the Calendar Resource help page.
  • There are new user settings
    • There is a new "Billing" User Type option and more information about this feature will be coming soon.
    • And, there is a System Administrator checkbox to let BestNotes Staff know who to contact for updates (NOTE: This does NOT make the user a superuser, that can access System Administrator features). 

  • Template Builder - AutoNote Collection Fix
    • New AutoNote Collections created in the Template Builder do not require a user to click the "Save and Close" button in the top right anymore.
    • When you simply click the "Save" button in the new AutoNote collection wizard, the Template Builder will refresh.

Related Contacts:

  • The "Web portal" relationship will display as "WEB" with the other acronyms under the Contacts tab (e.g., PG - Parent Guardian).

Switch Contact Types:

  • Switch a contact with any of the four contact Types.


  • Use the {XALLERGIES} special Field for both DrFirst and BestNotes allergies.
  • BestNotes Allergies tab will also populate the eMAR.


  • BestNotes now displays active and inactive clients when linking lab results.

Register Ledger Report:

  • New Payers and Diagnosis checkboxes to display that data with client information.

September 15, 2017 -  EZClaim Updates

Our ftp server that EZClaim pulls claims from has had an address change. The new address is ( Please adjust this in your EZClaim setup.
Thank you!

March 10, 2017 -  Portal Updates

Portal Security Improvements:

  • All existing portal accounts will be required and prompted to update their password to meet the following requirements:
    • 8 characters minimum including,
    • 1 uppercase 
    • 1 lowercase
    • 1 numeric character
    • 1 special character (e.g. !@#$ etc.)
  • New portal accounts will require email verification before access will be given to applications or patient documents.
  • Visit the Portal Account help page for more information.

February 28, 2017 -  Release Notes

2016 ICD-10 Inactivation:

  • 2017 ICD-10 will be the only way to add diagnosis or problems.
  • Existing problems created with the 2016 code set will still be able to add additional goals, objectives, and interventions.  

Ledger Settings Improvements:
  • Categories and codes features for managing what users see when adding ledgers
    • Lock
    • Inactivate ( Codes will no longer be available in Appointments and Ledgers until reactivated )
  • Visit the Ledger Settings help page for more information.

  • New Contact Ledger Balances under Library.
  • New distinction between Custom reports and Library reports in the dropdown menu.

February 1, 2017 -  Development Updates

BestNotes is excited and proud to offer Appointment Reminders to our customers!

  • Send SMS reminder notifications to the clients you serve and the client can confirm by responding via SMS.
  • Additional fees do apply and can be found on the Settings > Appointment Reminders page.
  • To activate this feature or find out more information, please visit the Appointment Reminder help page.

Account Settings

  • Inactivate or Lock Data Forms and Templates (Click name to open help page).
  • Create, edit and delete API credentials directly in BestNotes (please visit the API Credential's solution page).

End User License Agreement link:

  • We have updated our Terms of Use and added a link directly to our login screen. 
  • Please be sure to take a moment and review the BestNotes' Terms of Use.

January 9, 2017 -  Report Updates

Diagnoses by Client: based on a date range of the client's start (DOA) and end date (DOD).

  • Diagnosis - displays CID (unless AltID field is used), Name, Date of Birth (DOB) Sex, Admit date (Start date - DOA), Discharge Date (End date - DOD), Therapist (Provider 1), Diagnosis List.
  • Problem List - displays ID (for when AltID field is used), Name, Date of Birth (DOB) Gender, Therapist (Provider 1), Admit date (Start date - DOA), Discharge Date (End date - DOD), Problem list (goals, objectives Added / Resolved)

C - Appointment Status: 
  • New Confirm icons present.
  • If only a partial amount of contacts confirm it will show a half star.
  • If all contacts confirm it will show a whole star.
  • If no contacts confirm the "Conf." column and  cell will be blank.

January 4, 2017 -  Development Updates

Individual Appointment Confirm button for each contact:

  • Click on an individual contact's confirm (star) button in the Appointment window.

  • When you click the appointment's Confirm button, you will be prompted to confirm for all contacts.

  • The Status of an appointment will display if some or all contacts have confirmed the appointment.
  • Right-Click on the appointment and confirm All Contacts in the appointment.

  • Confirm each individual contact in an appointment on a contact's Activity Log (chart).

  • C - Appt Status report will be updated soon to reflect Confirm update.

New Title field for all Assessments and all Treatment Plan documents in the Med/Clinical window:

  • For users to add an Addendum or Update Title (Portal Subject) on Assessments or Treatment Planning documents, to display for a Snapshot on the Client's Activity Log (chart) and Portal.
  • For example, when an auditor would like to see the difference between an original document and the addendum or updated documents.

  • Assessments yellow Title field

  • Treatment Planning Documents blue Title field

  • Activity Log (chart) display

  • Logs (documents) on Portal

Louisiana (LA) ePrescribing Regulations and Dr. First:

Due to recent changes to the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy’s January 20, 2015 amendment of LAC 46:LIII.2511, DrFirst will disable functionality in our e-prescribing solution that enables unsuccessful electronic prescription transmissions to automatically convert to facsimile transmission for providers in the State of Louisiana effective January 1, 2017.

BestNotes received this information in an email from DrFirst. BestNotes has sent this information on to companies' System Administrators in Louisiana (LA) using DrFirst.

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