Prescription patient notifications

DrFirst has the ability to send a text notification to your patients once the prescription has been signed and sent to the pharmacy. This document will outline how the prescription notifications work, and what is available for the patient.

To take advantage of this functionality, review and update, if necessary, your company's Privacy Policy to alert your patient that prescription notifications will be sent. If you are currently using BestNotes Appointment Reminders feature, your Privacy Policy may already include this. 

How prescription notifications work

Patients will receive a text message (SMS) 10 minutes after the electronic prescription is sent to the pharmacy. The text message contains a link to a secure website that lets patients view information related to their pharmacy and new prescriptions.

The patient can then access the secure website by following these instructions.

  1. After tapping the link in the text message, patients can sign in by entering their first name and date of birth.
  2. If the information provided is correct, the patient will receive a second text message with a four-digit code that is required to gain access to the site.

Once the patient has gained access to the website, they will have the following features:

  • Information related to the pharmacy (name, address, phone).
  • Information related to the new prescriptions (drug name, strength, quantity).
  • Educational material related to the prescriptions.
  • Copay or out-of-pocket cost and available discounts.
  • Option to confirm the prescription pickup time at the pharmacy.

Some generic prescriptions can be prepaid online in order to lower out-of-pocket cost. If a patient chooses to prepay, they can complete checkout by entering a valid email and credit card. Once the payment is made, an instant proof of purchase is issued to be presented at the pharmacy counter. Payments are fully refundable.


The patient can reply "STOP" to any text message received in order to unsubscribe from any future notifications.

Call (866) 543-6646, or reach out to BestNotes support to begin the activation process.

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